Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Real Beginning

SoyJoy TV commercial, this was the first project I worked on in Fly Studios(Malaysia), May 2007. Upon joining this production house then only I realized this was my first taste of what the real CG industry is.

This was the 2nd studios I worked in after graduated from The One Academy in 2005. The expectation and requirement were a lot higher than what I had experienced before. As a TVC production studios, the deadline for each project was very tight but should be enough for completion. Unfortunately, because it involved a lot of people from different studios and agencies, each with different idea and vision, it could lead to drastic delayed, loads of re-do, and major changes.

Long working hours and working during weekends and public holidays was necessary but not always unless the deadline is very tight. And of course, usually holiday replacement would be given after the completion of project. It was a bitter sweet experience to me and I got used to it after a month.

I would strongly suggest all new comers in the CG industry to work in the TVC production house for once especially during the early stage of thier career as this would be a really good experience to train yourself and push your limit to another level.

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